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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 13, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> this wye fire, most dangerous fire. what they are worried is hot spots will kick up as the evening continues. >> dan: that is certainly the worry. two major wildfires burning near
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clearlake. firefighters are making some progress. good evening, i'm dan ashley. the two fires are burning in lake county. the wye fire and walker. seven miles to the east near the lake in colusa county line. wye fire is 6,000 acres and 25% contained. evacuees are being allowed to return to their homes as we speak. mark matthews is in lake county with the latest from the fire lines. >> reporter: first thing to go up was the power station. >> the power station and generator. battery and panel went down. >> without power to pump water he was helpless. his vineyards burned, his fruit trees, his business is selling fruit at local farmers markets. fire crews were, however, to save his house. >> thanks to them, they did an excellent job.
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>> reporter: outside the lodge, residents of spring valley waited to hear about their homes. >> twice a day we'll brief you on where we're at. how the fire is doing. >> spring valley is right down the road from the house. the fire was headed that way yesterday afternoon. >> i got my purse, the dog and we left. >> donna and al had 15 minutes to get out. willie left with his cat and heart medicine and that walls. >> i want to go home. >> reporter: firefighters have closed the road into spring valley. they were letting people in to pick up horses. they were looking at pictures on the internet and hungry for any new information. so with permission of firefighters we were able to get past the road block and we found rene's house safe and souchbd along with the barker's house. power lines are down.
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firefighters are holding residents away just in case. >> behind you see pg&e crews working on power lines at this house that burned down yesterday. they still have a good deal of work to do but the wind has not picked up. that has been a very big factor. 500 firefighters are out on this line, 500 people have been evacuated from their homes but we expected them to start going back to their homes tonight and tomorrow if the winds will give the firefighters a break and they are able to get a handle on this fire, these two fires. it looks better this evening than it did this morning. >> dan: one more note on the fires. a number of local fire agencies have been dispatched to help. crews from napa and contra costa county are on the scene helping on the fire lines. winds have not been much of a factor but temperatures certainly have. sandhya patel is here with the latest. humidity is low there, too.
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>> absolutely. the heat and humidity that remains with this area where the wildfires are burning. it's 95 degrees. a high temperature of 107 this afternoon. the temperature has come down. winds at five miles an hour and relative humidity has come up from the single digits earlier this afternoon at the height when we saw the 107 degree reading to 14% humidity. so that is good news that the human the is coming up. temperatures are falling. the winds are expected to remain on the light side. occasionally gusting to about 13 miles an hour at last check. what we're expecting is triple-digit heat in the vicinity of the fires to continue right on through friday which means dry conditions, hot again. that is what the firefighters will be battling there. by the weekend this area should drop down into the 90s which means humidity will be coming up. i'll be back with a look at the local forecast.
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>> it was violent day on the streets in san jose. tonight about 6:30 police responded to a call on west and san carlos street. there is the scene from sky7hd. they found a woman stabbed and lying on the sidewalk. she was pronounced dead at the scene. the circumstances of the stabbing are still under investigation. no one has been arrested. here is map showing these three incidents, two shootings and a stabbing. first is 1:40 then the second at third at about 6:45 and 4:04 respectively. all today in san jose. earlier gun violence broke out in two separate incidents, first occurred on charles street. a man in his 30s was sitting in a car when someone shot him and killed him. two hours late police were calling kauld to another shooting in east san jose. a man there was shot in his driveway for some reason. his condition is not known.
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police have not arrested anyone in either case. two deaths places the murder total to 27 so far this year. >> we are getting reports overseas with significant earthquake in asia. a quake measuring 7.3 hit in the sea of o kags k a body of water between russia and japan. there are no reports of injuries or tsunami threat, but 7.3 preliminary magnitude. california is not complying quickly enough with a court order to do something with prison overcrowding. there is a new deadline or else. nannette miranda has the story tonight from sacramento. >> reporter: even after being ordered by the u.s. supreme court to reduce its prison population, california corrections department admits it probably won't be able to meet
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the mandate of 137% of capacity by the june deadline. instead the agency will ask to raise the cap to 145%. defending the move by saying it's not the number that counts. >> we are making great progress towards improving the quality of health care in the prison system. that really is what the federal courts were interested in. >> the prison system is famously overcrowded so much so inmates were dying because they couldn't see a doctor. reducing the prison population was seen as way to bring health care up to constitutional standards. the fact they can't bring down the numbers angers the attorney general that represents the prisoners. >> even after they moved and affirmed the rulings we reduce the population to 110,000 prisoners, state still keeps fighting it. >> they begin to send low level
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criminals to county jail isn't relieving it enough. give you the more good time credit which critics call early release. >> materials show cutting a few months off of prisoner sentence doesn't affect public safety one bit. >> they think the feds have had it with california and will order early release. group points out residents are already paying the price of sending low level criminals to the county. it will get worse if it happens. >> crime is on the rise. violent crime and now we're going to have more people coming into our communities that really shouldn't be here? that is going to be huge. >> reporter: they have until friday to tell the courts among other things it will identify inmates unlikely to re-offend for potential release. >> dan: some tense moments at
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shell refinery in martinez. contra costa hazmat crews were called positive to a fire about 2:00 this afternoon. it happened in light oil processing area. there was flaring from the smokestack in an attempt to reduce pressure on the system. nobody was injured. a shell spokesperson said the fire crews extinguished what was a small blaze. engineers say the site of chevron refinery fire is too dangerous to investigate. they are trying to figure out how to make the site safe so the pipe can be removed for testing. we were over the scene again today. a probe by the chemical safety board is focusing on possible pipe corrosion as the caution. it was a week today a leak ballooned and ignited very quickly. today a troubling headline from the american institute charity watch.
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they studied 46 charities for veterans. one-half of them were given failing grades for spending less than a third of the money they raise on services that actually help veterans. one of them right here in california. that story tonight from brian ross. >> american patriotism and the desire to returning veterans has made the growth of one charity. it has raised more than $400 million over the last ten years. featuring what appear to be endorsements from former president's george w. bush and a series of celebrity appeals for contributions that would go directly to hospitalized vets. >> it would help send a message to our veterans they are not forgotten. >> but millions of dollars were going for golf club dues and huge salaries and pensions. the founder cancelled a scheduled interview and fled the building five years ago when he
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realized we were on to him. now, the attorney general has moved against the charity with a civil complaint saying less than half of the money went to veterans. >> people that we have charged the defendants in this complaint has been so outrageous in their greed and in their self-serving practices. >> according to that new report, 46 veterans charities rated by watchdog group, 23 of them including health hospitalized veterans received an "f" grade meaning less an third of their money actually goes to veterans. as of today, they were still collecting money on its website. former president bush told abc news, he never endorsed the charity. they will now demand the charity stop using her video. officials were still declining to answer our questions.
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>> there is more to get to tonight. nuclear butterflies. mutant insects traced to disaster in japan. also ahead, san francisco's most famous set of twins now nearly broke and facing a situation that is all too common as we age. also, the incredible car crash in the south bay. what authorities say the two drivers were doing moments before impact. and security breach, how j.f.k.'s security system was
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>> dan: two of san francisco's most well known personalities are dealing with enormous challenge and it highlights a problem facing seniors. marion and vivian are in the hall of fame. carolyn tyler says why they are fighting to stay in the city they love so much. >> i'm eight years younger. >> marion and vivian brown are identical twins. colorful knashgh san francisco. since they arrived here in michigan more than 40 years ago. >> the city of san francisco, oh yes. i don't want to move out of
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here. >> that prospect has worried the 85-year-old sisters since vivian has alzheimer's. they are searching for an assistant living facility in san francisco. experts say the cost range from $3500 a month to $7,000. the twins made money over the years doing commercials and making appearances but marion brown says as they gotten older the jobs have dried up. just being a san francisco institution doesn't pay the bills. >> that no advantage. you can have a reputation. you can everything but if you can't afford it, you can't afford it. >> david is a health care consultant who works at the city's department of aging and adult services. he says san francisco is a good place to grow old. >> this city has been incredibly innovative. they put general fund dollars in
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many programs that many other cities may not have the money to do. >> but he agrees that most assisted living facilities target the wealthy or the poor. now, the dilemma has come to the attention of jewish family and services. >> our emergency assistance program accepts donations from the bay area which is very generous in providing for very frail and needy segment of our population. >> marion is hoping they can stay in the city and be together again. >> it's been very lonesome without her. >> they say they respond to every request though not everyone can be helped. if you would like to donate, we have a link on our website. carolyn tyler, "abc 7 news". >> dan: two 19-year-old men will
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be charged with felony driving under the influence after crashing two cars into two homes. the teenagers were racing down prospect avenue. they could not negotiate a curve and smashed into the corner of one house and landed in the wall of a second. look at this mess. no one in the homes or on the streets were hurt. the drivers suffered minor injuries but they are facing charges. >> in novato a garbage truck crashed into a strip mall. they believe the driver lost his brakes sending his truck careening right into gym. two women inside managed to jump aside safely. the driver was hospitalized briefly for minor injuries. everybody is okay. >> spencer christian is off and sandhya patel is here with the forecast. she is watching conditions on the fire line in lake county. >> here is the bay area we got a number of days of triple-digit
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reading. tomorrow we will squeeze in one more day. you'll notice a difference. today not the case. got up to 103 in livermore this afternoon. live look from sutro camera looking at san francisco, you can see at&t ballpark way in the distance there. skies are clear from this vantage point. not the case as we show you live doppler 7 hd. we do have some fog. it is prior merely near the coast at this time. its shallow layer just under a thousand feet so we'll keep it in that area. temperatures this afternoon, 60 in half moon bay. livermore, 103 degrees. a good 43 degree spread between coast and inland. 74 for oakland. 66, san francisco. 85 in san jose. we got up to hundred degrees in fairfield. these temperatures are coming down just a little bit tomorrow.
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numbers right now in the mid-50s along the coast. numbers are in 70s and 80s inland. we are hanging on to some of the warmth earlier today. look for fog in coast. dense in patches tonight. gradual cooling with partly cloudy skies this weekend and watching the potential for showers. i say potential because computer models are in disagreement. you may want to layer up around the coastline because of the fog. 60s and clear and mild. here is the situation for the next couple of days. we have a hot air mass and we're dealing with heat. we are watching to our south tropical storm hector. it's moving over cooler waters and as it does it loses moisture air so it will fall apart but moisture may make it all the way up towards our area late this week. if that happens, we'll be watching for the potential for showers saturday morning in the
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north bay. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, dense fog right near the coast. it pulls away, coastal areas remain on the mild side. warm inland areas will be hot once again. >> highs tomorrow afternoon, 85 in the south bay in san jose. 88 for sara to go d.b.a. 90 for lx. high clouds in sunnyvale, 84 degrees. 77 in san mateo. redwood city low 80s. like it cool? pacifica will be 59 degrees. downtown san francisco, 66 degrees. 60 in the sunset district. in the north bay, low 60s coastside. triple-digits where the fire is burning, 88 in sanity rose. east bay, 75 in oakland. inland areas still steamy. 101 in antioch and for the monterey bay, 77 degrees in santa cruz. seven-day forecast, hot inland with triple-digits down to mid-90s wednesday and thursday. we're dropping to the low 90s,
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that is average by friday and saturday, 88 only again on sunday with low 60s coastside. it's the inland areas we're waiting for the downward trend. >> dan: we'll be ready for that. >> still to come, london to new york in one hour? the skies over california are about to see of a radical hyper sonic aircraft. how did a jet skier climb a fence and walk across two runways without being spotted at one of the world's
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what do you think of this one? really? what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip.
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let's try together. perfect. two worlds that fit in one kitchen. come in today and save up to 20% on a kitchen from ikea. >> dan: a brain game is going along homeland security agencies over a massive breach at j.f.k. bizarre set a of man dripping
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wet walking across two runways, bypassing guards and state of the art security system. here the story. >> the man who stumbled through j.f.k. airport $100 million security system and hired a lawyer to fight the charges. >> what daw yell went through amounted to an unofficial unintended test of the incredibly expensive airport security system. ground surveillance radars, motion equipped cameras guaranteed to find intruders at a minimum of 95% of the time. he was apparently among the remaining 5% because when his jet ski falters over the weekend just on off the runway he swims toward the airport lights, all the way to delta terminal three. >> 31-year-old jet skier can
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penetrate that system we have deficiencies before we see a very sinister moment. >> we tried to ask authorities that question. but no one at homeland security would be interviewed say they are working with investigators and directing to us airport officials who promised to step up perimeter patrols. >> we need heads to roll. >> $100 million of your money spent on failed security system while are stepping out of your shoes at the airport. >> dan: tomorrow a hyper sonic airport will zip over the pacific ocean at mock 6. it would get you to new york in about 46 minutes. flight is key test for an experimental aircraft called the wave rider. it will leave edwards air force
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base attached to a bomber's wing. it is hoped to reach 3600 miles an hour, sustained hyper sonic flight is important for the future of everything from spacecraft and military planes to missiles and passenger planes. two previous attempts ended with the skin of one aircraft peeling away and another flight that ended prematurely. >> more to come. solyndra's closed its doors a year ago on the taxpayer's dime. tonight they are on the hook for millions more after breaking the rules on layoffs. that story is up next. plus, the rough and item am world of politics. romney's new running mate gets cheers and years. complete
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>> dan: good evening, workers who abruptly lost their jobs at solyndra learned today they are getting a break. the company defaulted on a huge federal energy loan but has agreed to a multimillion dollar settlement to the workers it fired. here is david louie. >> with rare exception company laying off 50 employees must give them 60 days notice. it was shock when the 1,000 workers were let go one morning, just days before the company filed for bankruptcy. peter spent four years there will be one of 1,000 in the $3.5
9:33 pm
million settlement. >> i'm happy for the employees. finally they got some closure. >> he was an engineer at solyndra. he sued the next day complaining that top level executives were given bonuses to stay on while he and his co-workers got nothing. the settlement sends an important message. >> to have something in place, you don't just drop the people that made your company. have something in place that they can rely on. they put in all the hard work. make sure they are not just dropped. >> because of the bankruptcy it's not certain how much money the employees will receive. their attorney in new york monday will be divided up due to a formula. an attorney knows there be first in line in bankruptcy court. >> secured creditors come first.
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employee wages come after that. then somewhere in the mix comes judgments and then negotiated resolution. >> head of the south bay labor council welcomed the settlement. the employees need to be treated fairly. >> it's an opportunity for all employers to look around, we have to treat people with fairness. the other was, this was reckless. >> at one point the employees were seeking as much as $15 million -- $50 million. we did contact the bankruptcy attorney in san francisco but she declined comment to our story. >> dan: meantime, silicon valley employees will be among those laid off as part of google's plan to cut jobs that motorola mobility. they will eliminate 4,000 positions at the struggling company that it bought just three months ago. google says approximately 160 people will be laid off at the
9:35 pm
offices in sunnyvale. some clipper card customers, maybe you, who have been getting free rides since the fall of 2010 now have to pay up. nearly 89,000 customers will get a bill for about, 8,000 customers will get a bill. most of examine consumers were not properly charged. the issue affects auto road customers. >> to politics, 85 days until americans go to the polls and raft for the white house just got a shot of adrenalin in the form of a vice presidential pick paul ryan. now on the first foray, ryan took incoming fire. david muir has the story. >> mitt romney in here in the
9:36 pm
must win state of florida. >> i'm delighted to pick paul ryan. >> where was paul ryan today. same place president was headed, iowa. >> senior advisor saying paul ryan is a good match for the president. >> i heard that president obama is starting his bus tour today. i heard he wasn't going to come to the iowa state fair. >> but it was not long before ryan was interrupted. almost bringing up his controversial budget plan that will change medicare to a voucher like system that you would used to shop around your own health care. one woman was removed by security. paul ryan pressed forward. they should ask the president himself. you might ask him the same question and that is where are the jobs, mr. president. >> president obama was w farmers
9:37 pm
in iowa whose fields are bone dry with the drought. telling formers they should ask paul ryan about the stalled plan in congress that would bring relief to the farmers. >> paul ryan may be around the next few days, he is one of the leaders standing in the way. >> the controversial budget plan and changes to medicare, a plan that mitt romney applauded during the primary. >> governor romney you said during a debate earlier this year of paul ryan's proposal that absolutely right on. so i'm curiosity yus is there anything you disagree on? >> we haven't gone through piece by piece. i can't imagine that have exactly the same positions on all issues. my plan for medicare is very similar to his plan for medicare >> dan: by most accounts, mitt romney picked as his running mate picked his nemesis.
9:38 pm
he has not squabbled with mitt romney but as our reporter explains he certainly has with ryan. >> his real feelings about his ideological foe were caught by a hot microphone at a fund-raiser last year. president sneered at rye kran claiming the the man am of fiscal responsibility. >> this was the guy that voted for two wars, voted for the bush tax cuts unpaid for. prescription drug bill that cost is much as high healthcare bill but wasn't paid for. >> the president has put off debt reduction. they want a government take over of healthcare. >> they have trickle will down fairy dust before. >> he was leading proponent of healthcare bill. >> its bill full of gimmicks. >> the president assailed it as
9:39 pm
social darwinism. >> i don't think it's a sacrifice to ask for those that can least afford it. >> ryan has proposed slowing the growth of medicare and have something like a voucher to pay for private health insurance. they say the limited vouch worry mean that seniors would have to pay thousands more out of their own pocket. roydz campaign insists these changes would not impact today's seniors or those close to retirement. such changes are need forward the program to survive. >> get ready for democrats to hit this issue hard, especially in states with large senior populations such as florida, pennsylvania and ohio. all pivotal battleground states. >> dan: coming up next, one of the state's most notorious killers has died.
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but anyone can help a foster child.
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ed. >> dan: the man who pulled the trigger in one of the most famous murders has died. gregory powell was 79 years old. powell and an accomplice kidnapped two policemen in 1963. they took them to an onion field and shot one of the officers to death. the murder was immortalized in a book. powell spent 50 years in prison. he died in vacaville from prostate cancer. >> helen gurley brown that gave cosmopolitan started has died. she was 90 years of age. she first became famous with
9:44 pm
best-selling book "sex and the single girl." in 1965 she became editor of cosmopolitan. she donated $30 million to the columbia graduate school of journalism and stanford school of engineering to establish the instituted for media innovation. >> overseas for this item. syrian rebels are claiming they shot down a government fighter jet and captured the pilot. this is the video that was posted online. [ gun shots ] >> now, if this incident is verified it would be a significant change in the syrian civil war. it might mean the rebels are not only improve their skills but could be receiving more sophisticated equipment from their international sponsors. syrian government says a technical failure is to blame for the crash, not rebel
9:45 pm
gunfire. japanese scientists found disturbing mutations in butterflies following the nuclear accident last year. researchers published in a journal scientific shows one species had smaller wings and underdeveloped thighs in samples collected after the meltdown. samples six months later showed more severe mutations including those with the antenna and legs, rate of mutations found in samples near the area more than doubled from one generation to the next. putting their money where it counts. coming up next, why people are so excited about a social network they are willing to
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>> dan: taken has unveiled a new way to make a big announcement on your home page. a new time line events optional that expected parents share their news with facebook friends. new update can be found under the life event tab. you can let people know the baby's due date and share the identity of the baby's parents. it's not available on all accounts. it comes three days before the lockup on the ipo shares. employees can early investors can start selling their shares. it's the first of 1.6 billion shares that will be eligible on the market in several waves. facebook is down more than 40% in the initial price closing today at $21.80. not a terrific time to sell if you bought it when it first came out.
9:50 pm
>> is asking users to pay $50 to join. in return they promise no ads. it has rocketed past $500,000 funding goal. with three hours to go, it has pulled in $800,000 with more than 10,000 backers. the developer is based in based in san francisco. update the forecast. >> one more steamy day inland. along the coast. here is the summer spread. 59 tomorrow afternoon. foggy in pacifica. heading into oakland, 75 degrees. you get well inland, removed from the marine influence, brentwood up to 102 degrees. big spread between coast and inland. here is a look at seven-day forecast. we bring you down, mid-90s, wednesday and thursday, down to the low 90s friday and saturday,
9:51 pm
clouds on sunday, upper 80s, could be seeing a few showers by the weekend but still so far out we haven't put them out. >> dan: over hundred degrees on the weather panel we're not talking about football, but we had a game tonight. >> they played. they played. neither one of them played much of anything. dennis allen says the raiders are not where they want to be, on mild under statement as they
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>> dan: coming up at 11:00, as we messaged some people are being allowed to return to their homes in lake county. we're going to hear from some of them that spent an anxious night not knowing if they can go back. and cellphones, offering cash and planting a tree. those stories are coming up in one hour. larry beil. we had two bay area teams.
9:55 pm
>> it was bad. both of them were bad. last time the giants got swept in d.c., rematch series started tonight and looks like more of the same. frank sinatra's daughter threw out the first pitch and romo, too much heat for him. marco scutaro, 3-0, nats. it's now 4-0. then roger almost decapitated vogelsong. it was called safe and bruce, you are ejected. bases still loaded. adding to the giants' misery everybody scores, vogelsong it
9:56 pm
is a football score, 14-2, and a's have the night off. >> pre-season can be sloppy and boring, raiders and cowboys, the final was 3-0. chucky back, first visit since the superbowl like ten years ago. carson palmer to darren mcfadden. good to see him back. going deep and less than three minutes in, it's intercepted, then matt liner comes in needing work on the center exchange. second quarter, the rookie is wide open and drops it. this is from 47 yards. and only portion of the great many gripping, 33 yards out from
9:57 pm
the third quarter. play of the game for oakland, terrell said he did not play well but this is his play. running for his life all for a nine yard gain on the first down. new coach had this to say about the complete lack of everything in the 3-0 loss. >> we've got to be better. i'm certainly not ready to hit a panic button. we have a lot of time to get ready. i know the guys are working extremely hard to get better. i have all the confidence in the world they will be where they need to be come opening day. >> they have to get better. if there was one player that couldn't waited to get back into the game situation with the 49ers, it was kyle williams. two turnovers in the title game, maybe it cost 49ers a berth in the superbowl. mike shoe plan has more. >> reporter: kyle williams had a long off season after two
9:58 pm
turnovers in the title game. >> it's been tough but good in ways. i can't wait to get out there. >> he took all the blame and dealt with the media scrutiny, got nothing but support from the teammates. he claims his nerves were under control. >> i wasn't nervous or anxious, i couldn't wait to get the paul and try to score. >> kyle williams, he was in a situation offensively and special teams. >> he needs to bring his "a" game to make the squad as a wide receiver position is loaded. >> i can tell the depth of this team right now is ridiculous. from the first catch to the last everybody can play. it's a tough team to make and tough team to beat.
9:59 pm
>> we're still trying to find our best combination but i think they are all very talented and bring a lot to table. >> when you get your shot you have to make the best of it. trey johnson was one of the best receivers, his antics was kind of fun. man has been cut by miami. this comes less than 24 hours after johnson was arrested for head-butt go his new wife in a dispute. he says he is no-nonsense guy. >> it wasn't based on one single incident. in making these additions we based on a set of criteria that support the organizational goals. a player's performance on and off the field. >> you have to grow up. thanks, larry. that is


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